A passion for all things health and fitness.

From her yoga studio to her online products and TheFitnessChannel.com, health and fitness are an integral part of everything DuBarry Hay does. They drive her lifestyle, practice and products, and everything she stands for. A lifelong devotion to well-being defines her philosophy and approach, and extends to everyone in her sphere of influence: her family, staff, customers, followers, and growing communities.

Years ago, when as a young actress she sought to look great in a bikini, she ignited her pursuit of fitness. DuBarry Hay soon opened Malibu Yoga, an early outpost of what would become such a far-reaching movement. Of course, she soon realized her love of working out was as much about feeling good as looking fit, and her exercise programs became an unwavering practice.

A culture of compassion and community.

Today, DuBarry Hay owns Bikram Yoga Plus – Coachella Valley, voted the number one yoga and fitness studio in the greater Palm Springs area. The studio offers Bikram Yoga, based on the set of 26 postures and two breathing exercises set forth by founder Bikram Choudhury. His yoga is designed to systematically warm up the body with increasingly challenging postures that help to create optimal health.  Add to that the studio’s other yoga styles including Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Trapeze Yoga, Chair Yoga as well as several Pilates, Barre, and other emerging fitness class modalities. The studio is dedicated to helping people realize a life of vibrant health, balance, joy and inner peace. It is elevated by its culture, compassion and community.


Taking fitness to a wider audience.

From way back, DuBarry Hay’s entrepreneurial spirit focused on lifestyle products, having co-founded direct response marketing company Thane International in 1990. She helped run the company as Chief Creative Officer for two decades, launching and marketing products as well as producing commercials and infomercials. The company became one of the largest of its kind, with online products that have featured everything from fitness and weight loss to appliances and beauty.

In 2004, she went on to create the boutique product development and marketing  company Kaswit, Inc. In keeping with DuBarry Hay’s purpose, Kaswit, Inc. is committed to bringing fitness and well-being to an ever-widening community. It is the parent company for multiple endeavors including Pilates Power Gym® and Pilates Power Gym Plus®, an offering of Pilates reformers sold online with an array of accessories; as well as TheFitnessChannel.com; and numerous exercise videos. DuBarry believes that fitness should be effective, soul-satisfying and fun.

Under the Kaswit, Inc. umbrella, DuBarry Hay has spent a decade spearheading the popular Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog®. Featuring celebrated dog trainer Don Sullivan, dubbed The DogFather®, the educational system helps thousands. A subject close to her heart, DuBarry Hay champions both the safety of dogs euthanized unnecessarily and protecting people from being bit, which her family experienced firsthand.

Back to nature. Forward to the future.

Through Kaswit, Inc. she also helped launch her daughter, Samantha Lockwood’s, jewelry line, Fleurings. The line, which features wearable vases that contain water to keep flowers fresh, was named the “eco-fabulous must-have necklace” by GENLUX magazine.

Lockwood(samanthalockwood.com) is an accomplished actress, entrepreneur and yogini: she owns Bikram Yoga Kauai in Hawaii and became the youngest certified Bikram Yoga instructor at the age of 17.

Add to this DuBarry Hay’s growing family business, Secret Beach Organics, a thriving 140-acre organic farm in Kauai. Son, Adam Hay, is the farm manager.  The farm grows and ships organic non-gmo turmeric root, yellow Hawaiian ginger and a host of numerous other popular fruits, many of which can be ordered online (secretbeachorganics.com). The farm is a prime example of reducing your footprint while practicing sustainable, conscious capitalism.